Vaadin 7 OSGi bridge provides a vaadin addon to run vaadin 7 in OSGi environments. It will also support vaadins native push shortly.

Please follow this link to vaadin directory and the addon to be downloaded:

“Lunifera vaadin OSGi bridge” at

The documentation how to run the example can be found here:
“How to install vaadin addon example”

A extended documentation how to use luniferas http application and jetty services can be found here:

“Extended vaadin 7 example”

27 Responses to “Vaadin 7 OSGi bridge”

  1. Marc Says:

    Could you post a link to the awaited Vaadin-ticket? It would be nice to track the progress and I dont have to ask “when will the bridge be release” 😉

    Anyhow, since I want to get into Vaadin AND OSGi this project is exactly what I was hoping for and according to the documentation it looks like a very clean integration of Vaading.

    Thanks for your efforts

  2. Florian Pirchner Says:

    Hi, sorry for not updating this web site. We are currently working out logos and so on and will prepare a new website.

    The bug is fixed and addon can be used. Follow

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    • Marc Says:

      Do I need Eclipse Kepler to resolve the dependencies? Because I only get errors that P2 cannot resolve them in my Eclipse 4.2.2

  3. Florian Pirchner Says:

    For normal the target platform contains all required; and yes it uses kepler. But just for TP.
    Just use the update button in target definition editor if dep can not be resolved.

  4. Scott Lewis Says:

    Greetings. What is the current status of the Vaadin 7 osgi bridge? When I go to the page…i.e. the download link seems to be for the example…rather than the actual runtime bundle. I see that the runtime bundle is available in source form on github but are is there a built version? The p2 repo doesn’t seem to currently exist.

    Another question: Is the addon up-to-date? (i.e. for current released version 7.1.9?).



    • Florian Pirchner Says:

      Hi Scott,

      we got some problems with the tycho build for kepler dependency P2 repository.
      We had to change the whole build to support luna and kepler.

      Currently i am working on changing the build for all the repos and for the runtime-web repo which includes vaadin addon osgi bridge. Give me some days and the addon is available again. I think monday or tuesday should be perfect. If finished i am going to post at the ECF mailing list, so you will know about it. Is that fine?

      One problem is, that equinox target components does not include jetty-websockets but all the other jetty bundles. So we have to provide the web-sockets bundle as a lunifera depenceny. Otherwise P2 may not resolve dependencies.

      Best Florian

      • Florian Pirchner Says:

        Forgot to mention, that the composite P2s are available at{luna or kepler}

      • Brigitte Böhm Says:

        Hey there,

        any news about this topic?

        I miss the following plugins to build my OSGiUI (in the luna-p2-repository):

        The (new) kepler doesn’t seem to be the “right” repository eigher. With one prior kepler-repository (about 2 month ago?) everything went fine, but unfortunately this one wasn’t stored.

        Regards, Brigitte

      • Florian Pirchner Says:

        currently i am working to provide the P2 repos again. The dependencies is already there. Now runtime and runtime-web have to be migrated to new maven build.
        Hope that i can fix things until monday. Then everything is fine again.
        Best Florian

  5. Juan Pablo Diez Says:

    HI Florian!!
    Any progress with this amazing project??

    I want a simple example to make a modular web app with vaadin 7.2.3+osgi on eclipse luna. Is that possible today?

    I can’t get working any example.

  6. Konrad Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Is there any progress in migration and integrating lunifera with eclipse luna and vaadin 7.3.x ?
    I can’t get working any available examples on github or vaadin-osgi wiki.

    Regards, Konrad

  7. Roman Smirnov Says:

    Hi Florian,

    could you please tell me, why are you using the 7.2.5 version of vaadin and not the most recent one?
    I’ve made few experiments with newer versions, e.g. with 7.3.7 and they are really do not work anymore. Do you know why maybe?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Roman Smirnov Says:

    Awesome! Thank you, I’ll check that and let you know!

    • Roman Smirnov Says:

      Thanks, it works like a charm!
      So let’s wait, until it will not be globally fixed and for now your solution is just perfect.
      Thank you!

  9. Scott Lewis Says:

    Question: The current version of Vaadin is 7.4.1. Is this version supported via what’s available at ?

    In general, is there some way to tell, via this repository, what version of Vaadin is supported (and which are not)?

    Also, I see from the github examples

    that they haven’t been updated in a little while…does this mean that

    • Scott Lewis Says:

      Sorry, sent too soon.

      …does this mean that they examples don’t/haven’t need to be changed?

      One final question: Is there documentation somewhere about what parts/features/bundles of the Lunifera repo is required for the Vaadin bridge, which are optional, and which provide other functionality? Thanksinadvance.


      • Florian Pirchner Says:

        I will check this evening and update the version to Vaadin 7.3.8. We did not migrate to Vaadin 7.4.x for now and so we do not have 7.4.x available in our P2s. And since tycho does not support different versions of same bundles in same reactor, we can not provide 2 Vaadin versions that easy.

        You need version 7.4.0? Then i could prepare a workaround target definition.

        Best Florian

  10. Scott Lewis Says:

    Hi Florian.

    Thanks for the info. WRT needing version 7.4.x…my answer is: I’m not yet sure if I will need 7.4.0, as I’ve been away from Vaadin-based UI development for a couple of years and don’t know what 7.4.x actually adds, but I assume that since Vaadin development will continue, eventually I will need to update to Vaadin 7.4+. So for the time being I can use 7.3 along with your bridge (and will do so), but that I’ll need to use 7.4+ eventually.

    BTW: I’m the project lead for ECF: and I’ve recently been working on OSGi server-side remote services for runtime management: One of my intentions with the use of Vaadin UI is to implement web-based management user interfaces for these remote management services, allowing folks to have graphical dynamic web-based interfaces for remotely managing frameworks (bundles/services/wiring/service components/rsa/ecf/registry/applications/etc). Any interest in working together (e.g. github?) on such an effort?

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