This might look like a dead, abandoned project …


… but it ISN’T! 

We are working hard on making the Lunifera kernel (OSGi services for business applications) available in a few weeks –
we plan to release it by end of March 2015.

Over the last months (and years, actually), we have achieved the following:lunifera_main

  • Fully fledged Entity DSL to facilitate persistence management (JPA)
  • DTO DSL for efficient data access and abstraction from JPA
  • Service DSL to easily access JPA and DTOs
  • Integration with Vaaclipse (using Vaadin version 7.3.8 and Eclipse e4 kernel 4.4)
  • UI DSL to quickly define business UIs in a model driven manner with mind-blowing databinding capabilities (close integration of DTOs, validators etc.)
  • Huge amount of very useful OSGi services

Plus: We have incorporated – now we are Lunifera GmbH.

The progress our code has made (and the features it promises for the future) can be seen at our Github repositories (check out the development branches!).